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There are several references to medication use and medical techniques mentioned on this site.  Please note that this information was not written or edited by a physician.  Many of the techniques are based on on practices of backpackers, climbers, foreign travelers and other trekkers and not on evidence based research.  Although many of these techniques seem to work anecdotally, they may not be effective and at a minimum carry with them hazards for certain individuals or situations.  Even the techniques and medication uses recommended by reputable organizations such as the US CDC and WHO and mentioned on this site carry with them certain, and sometimes severe risks. Use or misuse of any technique or medication mentioned on this site can result and death or other severe medical problem.  Please speak to a physician prior to any use of any technique or medication mentioned or linked to on this website. 


Please note that the web master of this site takes no responsibility of any use of information, techniques or medications mentioned or linked to on this site.  Content on this site is provided as educational material only.



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