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Light International Backpacking Packing List



Most newer international travelers pack too much of inappropriately.  Some are able to send stuff home or are willing to part with their possessions, while others are forced to purchase needed items in country and add these to their overweight packs.  While traveling, it is not uncommon to see backpackers with a huge backpack on their backs, a day pack worn on the front and even carrying a third bag in their hands.


The following is a reasonable list of what you can carry and still be quite comfortable, while allowing for souvenirs, gifts, etc.  Many will carry a few extra articles of clothing to decrease the frequency of laundry, while more experienced trekkers can get by with considerably less.  An Ultralight Packing List is also available for review.


Item   Location Notes
Mountain Hardware Canyon Shirt     Dries quickly; zippered pocket for money; Napoleon pocket for map, tickets, etc.
REI Adventure Pants     Dries quickly; useful "concealed" pockets; doesn't look too touristy
Smartwool Trekking Socks   On feet Dry poorly, but very comfortable and protective
Danner Gortex boots   On feet Overkill but extremely comfortable; most trekkers can get away with lightweight hiking boots or trailrunner shoes
Quick release nylon strap belt   Through pant belt loops Secret money compartment; light weight; can be used to secure cargo, as tourniquet, etc; metal used (except tiny zipper slider) so airport security friendly
Pacsafe Stashsafe 100 Hip Pack   Over Left/Front hip See below
Luminox waterproof watch with tritium hand   Left Wrist Can read hands at night; black The Band wrist strap
Sunto Wrist Compass   On wristwatch Attached to watch strap; luminous hands can be read to some degree in the dark
Daily spending money - small bills   Zipped in pants pocket A clam shell paper clip is sometimes used to organize bills
Daily spending money - larger bills   Shirt pocket A clam shell paper clip is sometimes used to organize bills
Money Belt   Under pants See Below
Sunglasses   Napoleon shirt pocket  
Hotel business card   Zippered pant pocket  
Titanium handled lock blade   Front pant pocket  
Protective charm   Generally around neck Can be a Buddha, crucifix, St Joseph, amulet of protection, or whatever works for you; can't hurt unless is symbol of group or belief not liked in area of travel - such as Star of David in most of the Middle East
Money Belt - under the pants/shirt type   Always worn Elastic strap sewn to body of belt so that it can't accidentally come off; zipper pulls replaced with cord with ends melted to prevent passing through zipper pull; tan selected to that it doesn't stand out when thin light colored clothing is worn; contents kept in Ziploc bag
Passport     If these don't have to be readily available
Copy of passport     Laminated
Plane Ticket      
Emergency money     US hundred dollar bills and a US hundred dollars in local currency
Calling card      
Emergency contact list     List of emails and phone numbers of everyone and every place that is important
Pacsafe Stashsafe 100 Hip Pack   Generally worn "Slashproof" side with wire cable in waist strap; logo removed; rear compartment zipper always locked; front compartment generally locked
Small threaded D-Ring     From Brunton MY-Ti tableware set; used to secure belt cable to d-ring on body and zipper pulls
Cannon A720IS camera   Front compartment Image stabilization; uses 2 AA batteries; kept in Ziploc if in wet environments; kept in pocket in low theft areas where picture taking is common
Spare set of rechargeable AA   Front compartment Used for camera
Spare memory chip   Front compartment Used for camera
Mini Calculator with cover   Front compartment Used to calculate funds, exchange rate, negotiating prices, etc.; battery operated
Map, Visitor tickets, etc   Front compartment If these won't fill in shirt pocket of if the don't need to be immediately available; Ziploc needed in wet environments
Small notebook and pen   Front compartment Used for notes and drawing pictures to describe any number of things
Matches   Front compartment Ziploc'd if any suggestion of rain
Wallet   Rear compartment Limited Extra funds (US and local); credit and debit cards (when in areas where these are needed); driver's license; laminated color copy of passport; "business" cards
Room key/card   Rear compartment  
Extra hotel business card   Rear compartment  
Papers, luggage tickets, railpass, etc   Rear compartment Items that don't need to be immediately available; kept in Ziploc bag
Passport   Rear compartment; rear zipped pocket In countries where this needs to be readily available; kept in Ziploc bag
USB thumb drive   Rear compartment; rear zipped pocket Contains images of passports and visas; used to collect and move pictures
Daypack - JanSport 30L ripstop Equinox   Generally worn Pack reinforced; stainless steel cable sewn into pack to make slashproof; zipper sliders replaced with lockable sliders and cord zipper pulls to reduce noise; pack died black with boot die; spray painted and marked up to discourage thieves; logo covered with looped Velcro; these mods are nice, but not necessary; many travelers will opt for a smaller daypack
Small umbrella   Side pocket  
Bottle of water   Side pocket Purchased locally
Ultrathon DEET bug cream   Rear compartment Carried in areas where bugs are a problem
Wet Wipes   Rear compartment Used to clean toilet seats, hands and as toilet paper; Johnson's Baby in mini 10 pack preferred; if wet wipes are not carried, toilet paper will need to be carried in Ziploc bag
Pepto-Bismol Bottle   Rear compartment Small bottle used, but filled with pills from second bottle and cotton ball to reduce rattling; used as prophylaxis for diarrhea
Brunton MY-Ti Spork   Mid compartment  kept in Ziploc bag
Collapsible chopsticks set   Mid compartment kept in clamshell box
Local Guidebook   Mid compartment Notes and info kept in book for protection and as bookmarks
Dictionary   Mid compartment Great for finding words in other languages
Mini tripod   Mid compartment Used for flashless night shots
Mini Headlamp   Mid compartment Bright; dim; strobe; red light; red strobe; kept in case
Zipties   Mid compartment Kept in small Ziploc bag; used to secure main pacs prior to transport
First Aid kit   Mid compartment See Below
Meds   Mid compartment Blister pack of Katadyn chlorine dioxide (water purification); blister pack of loperamide (Imodium), sample pack of Tylenol (paracetamol or acetaminophen)
Lightweight Pen   Mid compartment Can come in handy if main pen is lost or runs out
Mini can opener   Mid compartment US military type is very minimal
Arc'teryx Easyrider Softshell   Main compartment Packed when climate/conditions mandate; light, packable and resistant to rain and wind
Food/snacks/local purchases   Main compartment  
Mini Combo locks   Main compartment used to lock zippers
Pacsafe mini cable lock   Side of pack Cabled down to pack; used to lock bag to table, chairs, etc when sitting around at train stations, restaurants, park benches, etc.
Mini light   Right shoulder strap used to signal in crowds or see in dark
Compass/Thermometer/Magnifying glass combo   Left shoulder strap used for compass;  thermometer used to confirm that is really is that hot or that cold
First Aid Kit   Daypack Small zippered nylon case; everything kept in Ziploc bags; kept minimal
Assortment of dressings   Ziploc 1 Band-Aids, Steri strips, 4x4 gauze pads, 2x2 gauze pads
Single use Betadine packet   Ziploc 1  
Betadine on cotton tipped applicator   Ziploc 1  
Alcohol swabs   Ziploc 1  
Antibiotic ointment pack   Ziploc 1  
Small roll of medical tape   Ziploc 1 Many uses - secure dressings, splinting, taping sprained ankles, make rope
Safety pins   Ziploc 2 Used to hold dressings and slings together; close large wounds; clear tongue from obstructing airway
Premium grade moleskin   Ziploc 2 Put on ideally prior to blister formation; several precut
Sterile needle   Ziploc 2 Carried in 3rd world countries for injections and used to remove slivers, pop blisters, etc.
Sterile suture pack   Ziploc 2 Silk with needle attached - can be used to sew skin or gear
Vinyl Exam gloves   Ziploc 3 4 in own Ziploc bag - why get someone else's blood or body fluids on your hands?
Roll of sterile gauze   Ziploc 4 Air squeezed out of package and stored in own Ziploc bag; used to pack, cover and wrap larger wounds as well as make slings, tie up splints and make tourniquets
Pack - 22" Osprey Sojourn Wheeled Pack
  Kept locked in room or locker most of the time Excellent oversized wheels and rear suspension that rides like a fitted external frame pack; easy to drag and comfortable to carry on back; all zippers except suspension stowage zipper have zipper sliders replaced with lockable sliders and cord zipper pulls to reduce noise; pack died black with boot die; spray painted and marked up to discourage thieves and make easier to locate at airport; logos are covered up; there are much lighter packs available
Mountain Hardware Canyon Shirt   Main compartment Dries quickly; zippered pocket for money; Napoleon pocket for map, tickets, etc.; one worn is washed each night
REI Adventure Pants   Main compartment Dries quickly; useful "concealed" pockets; doesn't look too touristy; one worn is washed each night
Leisure Clothes   Main compartment Scrubs or shorts with pockets and t-shirt; worn when clothes are in the wash
Smartwool Trekking Socks x 3   Main compartment Dry poorly, but very comfortable and protective
Polartec pullover   Main compartment Packed if the possibility of being somewhat cold on trip
Duracell 15 minute charger   Main compartment Used to charge AA camera batteries, and AAA batteries used in Razor and clock (if ever needed); power adapter states 100-120V but is made to be used with 100-240V; cables Velcro'd to prevent tangling in bag
Light socket plug adapter   Main compartment Used with wall sockets are worn out or otherwise unavailable
Appropriate plug adapter   Main compartment Used for charger and Immersion heater
Immersion Heater   Main compartment Luxury item; used for tea; rated for 110V but kicks ass with 220V; can be used to purify water or heat water for bathing or laundry
Bag of Tea   Main compartment Kept in small Ziploc bag stored in mug
Titanium Mugs   Main compartment Stackable pair if traveling in twos
Multitool with pliers   Main compartment Rarely used, but lifesaver when needed
Hygiene Kit   Main compartment See Below
Mini Swege   Main compartment Door wedge with alarm; bottom reVelcro'd with hook orientated correctly; extra loop Velcro cut to size in zipped bag; sheet place between contacts when not in use to prevent accidental activation of alarm; can be used to secure windows; generally not needed by most travelers but helps you sleep at night
Plastic Trash Compactor Bag   Main compartment One used to keep clothing dry and a spare; can be used as spare bag, laundry bag, makeshift washing machine to for glissading
Extra Ziploc bags   Main compartment Used to separate and waterproof any number of things; take a couple of small ones and a couple of larger ones
Overflow   Main compartment Souvenirs; gifts and significant other's necessary items
Spare Wet Wipes   Main compartment Used to clean toilet seats, hands and as toilet paper; Johnson's Baby in mini 10 pack preferred; stored in Ziploc bag
Braided latex laundry cord   Main compartment; under flap mesh large suction cups added with split ring; mini snaplink on one end to facilitate rapping end around towel rack
Camp Towel   Main compartment; under flap mesh Fast drying; used to dry body and wring out washed clothing
Papers   Main compartment; inner side mesh The collection of paper grows and grows during your trip - it includes hotel/hostel confirmations, copy of prescriptions (including glasses and contacts), receipts, tickets, itineraries, notes, photos, postcards, maps, etc.; take a couple of sheets of blank printer paper to write/draw on and a lightweight plastic pen; all kept in large Ziploc bag
Tealight   Top compartment Used when power goes out to save on mini batteries used in headlamp and shoulder straps; lighter than any lantern (electric or burning); can make makeshift chimney lantern from plastic bottle if needed
Extra straps   Top compartment Used to tie down daypack if needed
Medium duty cable lock   Outer rear flap compartment Used to lock bag to furniture in room or to lock group bags together at train stations
Pelican Pelilock   Outer rear flap compartment High security lock; great for securing rooms, lockers to fancy lock jobs with cable lock
TSA approved combo locks   All compartments except suspension storage flap Combo'd alike; all zippers locked during transport and when separated from bag; suspension flap secured with zipties when checking bags
Luggage tag   Securely tied to upper handle Name and contact information laminated and concealed with outer flap of tag so that information not visible without opening tag
Mini light   Right shoulder strap Used to signal in crowds or see in the dark
Compass/Thermometer/Magnifying glass combo   Left shoulder strap used for compass;  thermometer used to confirm that is really is that hot or that cold
Hygiene Kit   Kept in main pack most of the time or with carry on during air and train travel Nylon case with loop at top and side to allow for hanging; suction cup attached to side loop with spit ring
Toothbrush   Main compartment Soft Bristles are easy on the gums
Smiles toothbrush holder   Main compartment protects bristles and has suction cup back to attach to mirror so that brush can dry
Soap dish   Main compartment Dried after each shower to reduce soap loss
Dove Sensitive Skin soap bar   Main compartment not perfumed, not harsh on skin; doubles as shampoo and laundry detergent if bathfoam, soap and/or shampoo is not provided by hotel
Small tube of toothpaste   Main compartment 3oz or less to make it through airport; more purchased later
Mouthwash   Main compartment in 3oz Nalgene bottle with solid top (not flip top); kept in Ziploc bag
Crew hair grooming cream   Main compartment in small 1oz Nalgene container
Comb   Main compartment Good $2 comb that doesn't cut the scalp
Alarm clock   Main compartment With backlight and cover to prevent alarm from accidentally being set during transport; some trekkers use a wrist watch with an alarm instead
Female hygiene products   Main compartment Needed if female and menstruating; tampons can be used on long bus rides when you have severe diarrhea - TMI from a female traveler; kept in own Ziploc bag
Mini electric razor   Main compartment If male desiring clean shave; uses 2 AAA batteries and is much heavier than a disposable razor; slow to shave but easy on skin
Mini nail clippers   Main compartment Made in Japan - really nice; built in file in handle - TSA friendly
Extra bottle of Bisthmus Subsalicylate (Pepto Bismol)   Main compartment Small bottle filled from second bottle with cotton ball to reduce rattling
Prescription meds   Main Compartment Carried if needed - this would also include extra glasses, contacts, birth control pills, etc. for those that need these; all stored in Ziploc bag
Mini GUM dental floss container   Side compartment Used for flossing, sewing and as string (such a for holding up bug nets)
Heavy Duty Stainless steel sewing needles   Side compartment kept in small needle tube
Mini sewing kit   Side compartment Often provided by hotels and can be picked up along the way; small safety pins and extra buttons should be included
Selection of meds   Side compartment sample or blister packs of Katadyn chlorine dioxide (water purification), loperamide (Imodium), Tylenol (paracetamol or acetaminophen), ibuprofen (Advil), ciprofloxacin (for bacterial diarrhea) - if in areas of risk: metronidazole (Flagyl of amebic dysentery), Mebendazole (Vermox for worms), a bottle of doxycycline for malaria, and/or other meds; all kept in small Ziploc bag
Medication card   Side compartment laminated; reminds you dosages and when and how to use meds
Small bottle of Betadine   Main Compartment Kept in small Ziploc bag; used to disinfect wounds and water in a pinch; works better when diluted so a little goes a long ways
Snaplink   Outside loop Used to hang bag from towel rack, belt, pack, clothes lines and other objects
Items of luxury or for special use carried by many travelers - these can easily double the weight of your pack
Underwear   Main pack Worn by most; go with quick drying ones in colors other than white; many go without in tropical regions where in may increase the risk of fungal infections; up to 5 is recommended
Waterproof socks   Main pack or worn Used when stream crossing with non Gortex footwear; generally not needed
Waterproof pants   Main pack Almost never needed; these can be quite expensive and too hot to wear
More shirts   Main pack Man travelers will pack as many as 5 shirts of a mix of long and short sleeves
Cargo pants   Worn or main pack Pockets great for gear and guide books; stand out more than regular pants - ironically more so with camouflaged ones
Convertible pants   Worn or main pack Allow you to easily switch from pants to shorts; look touristy and often not durable or comfortable for wear
Extra shoes/slippers/etc   Main pack Can be nice but takes up room and dirties up your pack
Hat   Daypack or worn Protection from sun, bugs and cold
Swimming suit   Main pack This is particularly useful for women
Short sleeve shirts   Worn or main pack Many, if not most, travelers use these but are not as versatile as long sleeve shirts which are more accepted in many countries and give better protection against cold, sun and bugs
Shorts   Main pack Good for leisure clothing and swimming; shorts are considered inappropriate in many countries or settings
Sweater   Main pack Bulky but nice in cold urban environments; darker colors hide stains better and help decrease the frequency of washings needed
Exercise clothing   Main pack Good if you are working out or for lounging around
Nightshirt   Main pack Particularly for women
Dressy clothes   Main pack May be needed for more formal events (operas, business meetings, etc)
Neck tie   Main pack Can make any collared shirt appear more formal
Scarf   Day or main pack Nice in winter; can be worn on head if needed
Gore-Tex/waterproof jacket   Day pack Unless in very rain area, generally not needed; always take for Britain, Ireland and Northwest USA
Synthetic socks   Main pack and worn Dry much faster than wool but just aren't the same
Compression bag   Main pack Not an article of clothing, but makes packing your excessive clothing easier; adds some level of protection from water
Hygiene and Health      
Sunscreen   Day pack Need dependant on individual and destinations
Mirror   Day pack or hygiene kit Nice if not staying at hotel or for signaling in the desert
Shampoo and conditioner   Hygiene kit Needed by most - if not provided by hotel; carry only what you need and refill along the way
Small bottle of biodegradable concentrated laundry soap   Main pack Packed in 3oz Nalgene bottle with solid top (not flip top); kept in Ziploc bag - only packed if you don't expect to use hotel soaps or buy enroute; some use this to also replace shampoo and soap
Spot remover   Hygiene kit Bring a couple of wipes or small container or Goop hand cleaner
Universal drain plug   Main pack Used to plug drains for laundry and bathes; can also use a rubber jar opener
Hand sanitizer gel   Day pack or hygiene kit Used after visiting the rest room and prior to meals
Antibacterial wipes   Day or main pack Used after visiting the rest room and prior to meals
Baby powder   Hygiene kit Dry shampoo for hair
Foot powder   Hygiene kit Should have antifungal additives
Hair clips   Main pack Used as necessary
Extra cheap sunglasses   Main pack Can be purchased very cheaply and nice to have; generally a comfort item, sunglasses can be a critical item for high altitude environments - an improvised set can be made from cardboard or duct tape
Disposable razor   Hygiene kit Lighter, more dependable and provides a better shave than an electric razor; you will need to shave with soap and water or pack shaving cream; silicone based creams such as King of Shaves come in tiny bottles that last some time
Quality electric razor   Hygiene kit Many of these will hold enough charge for shorter trips; cord may be necessary
Electric toothbrush   Hygiene kit Many of these will hold enough charge for shorter trips; charger may be necessary
Portable iron   Main pack This is just crazy - but some trekkers do pack them
Hair drier   Main pack Used to dry long hair or wet clothing; usually available at hotel
Lexan water bottle   Day or main pack Used to store, treat and flavor water; generally a disposable water bottle is all you need
Electric water purifier   Day or main pack MIOX or UV light water treatment devices allow for "unlimited" water treatment; good in very remote areas where bottled water isn't available; not worth it's weight where bottled water is available
Multi vitamins   Day or main pack Not a bad idea if you aren't eating many fruits and vegetables
Inflatable hangers   Main pack Used to hang up clothes for drying or storage in room
Toilet seat covers   Day pack Can be purchased in small packs or taken from public rest rooms for future use.
Cosmetics   Hygiene kit Cosmetics, skin care products, etc and required by a few travelers; think about taking a vacations from cosmetics
Prophylactic condoms   Main pack If you need these, you may wish to pack good quality ones which can be difficult to find in some parts of the world
Comprehensive medical pack   Main pack Useful in remote areas or when working with NGOs; one per group
Survival kit   Day or main pack Some better than others; generally just unnecessary dead weight to carry
Sleeping bag, blanket, etc   Main pack Almost never needed, heavy and waist of space
Silk sleep sac   Main pack Some protection against dirty sheets and bedding in cheep hotels, hostels, huts and trains
Sheets   Main pack Some hostels require that you rent or bring your own sheets
Pillow case   Main pack If you are uncomfortable using the provided pillow, you can cover it with this or stuff this with you extra clothes
Inflatable neck rest   Main pack Nice for long train, plane and bus rides
Mattress (inflatable or foam)   Day or main pack A luxury generally not needed; a sit pad is nice if doing a lot of wilderness trekking/sitting
Bug net   Main pack Generally not needed - but is a life saver when it is
Ear plugs   Day or main pack Minimal weight and bulk - helps sleep on noisy train/bus rides
Sleep mask   Main pack Some travelers just need these
High powered light bulb   Main pack These can be purchased in country and used in your rooms; these can be difficult to pack
Bag from boxed wine   Day or main pack Use as lumbar support or pillow on long bus and train rides; doubles as water container
Poncho   Day or main pack Some don't travel without these; they can be used and ground cloths, sit pads, shelters, worn in the rain or used to cover packs
Reusable space blanket   Day or main pack Can be a life saver in wet and cold environments; use as make shift shelter, poncho, sit pad, or picnic blanket
Eating and Drinking      
Stove (gas, liquid, electric, etc)   Day or main pack If needed, you may be better off with a local one that uses local fuel - dump/donate prior to returning home; there is always a potential of problems with getting stoves through airports
Cookware   Day or main pack Good to have if you plan to cooking the majority of your own meals; normal weight cookware can generally be purchased pretty cheaply in country and dumped/donated prior returning home
Plastic plates or coffee can lids   Main pack Some don't like eating out of pots and actually pack these; another purchase and donate/dump item; collapsible bowls and plates are available for trekkers
Thermos   Main pack Store hot beverages in cold climates or hot water for noodles
Hot sauce   Day or main pack May make food more palatable
Picnic set   Day or main pack Cutlery, seasoning, corkscrew, and maybe even a small blanket
Titanium or stainless flask   Day pack Nicer than the glass bottles liquor generally comes in
Pocket journal   Day or main pack Many trekkers like to record their thoughts and experiences
Paperback, religious text, etc   Day or main pack  
Hacky sac, cards, games, etc   Day or main pack If small and used, can be worth packing
Musical instrument   Day, main or own pack Can be fun, but larger ones (guitars) generally create a great deal of hassle
MP3 or CD player   Daypack Music and sometime pictures; thieves love these
High performance camera and lenses   Day or own pack Needed for great photo shots; heavy and bulky; loved by thieves; may be a required item if photography is the reason for your trek
Portable DVD player   Day or main pack Watch movies instead of visiting with others or sightseeing; another thefted item
Laptop/notebook   Main pack Edit webpages, blogs, emails, journals and images; watch movies; another object loved by thieves
PDA   Day or main pack Much more compact than laptop, allows to to edit journals and emails, listen to music, show pictures, read digital books and maybe do work
Electronic Translator   Day pack Generally painful to use and a distracter to communication; useful for some
Portable hard drive (Photobank)   Day or main pack Some can copy images straight off camera memory cards and allow you to view them on a small screen or a TV; another item prone to heat, water and theft
Radio - AM/FM/SW   Day or main pack Can be quite compact; can be useful in times of emergency
2 way radios   Day pack Used to communicate between vehicles or when party separates; may be illegal in the country you are visiting; another battery whore
LED lantern/torch   Main pack Provides many hours of light; generally not needed and tealight is lighter and more romantic
Solar charger   Main pack Used to charge batteries where electricity is not available
Binoculars or monocular   Day pack Rarely used and often are significant in weight
Cell Phone   Carried or main pack Used to friend at airport or for use in visiting country
Fan   Day or main pack Battery powered or plug in; cools you on hot days; a fan at night decreased the number of bug bites
Pedometer   Worn Logs number to steps or jolts throughout the day
Inverter   Main pack This allows to run 110V gadgets on 220V or vise versa; these generally tend to be heavier than they look and should it is generally lighter to use a dual voltage device or power adapter if possible; if used, care should be taken if selecting the proper inverter
Duct tape   Main pack Pack just a mini roll; use for repairs, as mole skin, holding up bug nets, and so much else
Cord   Main pack Small amount is good for many uses
Permanent or laundry marker   Day or main pack Used to label things; little weight with potential uses
Universal faucet knob and radiator key   Main pack Used to adjust the heat in your room
Binder clamps   Main pack Minimal weight and space; useful for holding papers together, keeping drapes closed and as a heavy duty money clip
Camp tools (machete, axe, etc)   Day or main pack Unless you are exploring a rain forest solo - generally not needed and very heavy/bulky
Safety and Security      
Pacsafe   Over pack Used to cover bag with a stainless wire mesh net; heavy and not usually needed unless carrying a lot of camping gear outside of your pack or if you are excessively paranoid
Personal/door alarm   Worn or on door Used to attract attention when activated or when door is opened; expect false alarms
Door wedge   Main pack Solid wood, metal, plastic, rubber, etc edge; used like one listed above to stop door from opening, but without the alarm
Cable lock with alarm   Main pack Interesting idea; plan on frequent false alarms
Whistle   Worn or daypack Can be attached to or built into pack (such as sternal buckle on main pack above) or worn; use to signal for help or as alarm
True Weapons   Worn or main pack Generally never needed and come with the potential for great problems
Mailing labels   Main pack with papers If you like to mail postcards and letters, you may wish to pack preaddressed labels
Postcards and pictures   Day pack You may wish to share pictures of home with folks you meet along your journey
Office supplies   Main pack Envelopes, paper clips, and Post-It notes can be handy
Mailing tubs   Main pack or carried Great for protecting posters, prints, etc.; can be trimmed to fit pack if carrying smaller papers
Fine mist spray bottle   Day or main pack Used to spray on wrinkled clothing on face on hot days.
Window cleaner   Day or main pack Used to clean bus and train windows so that you can take better pictures through them
Camping gear   Main pack Few international travelers will actually camp so many of items in this category will be dead weight
Gifts   Main pack If you are visiting friends or staying a place for free, you may wish to bring a little something from home
Packing cubes and sacks   Main pack These can make organizing packs easier; some can help compress clothing to free up some space in you pack




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